Work Experience at LMM by Ana Neves

At London Music Masters, we recognise the importance of work experience and internships for one’s personal development. Below is a blog written by LMM alumna Ana Neves, who recently worked on a placement with the LMM team.

My heart pounded against my chest when I received the email I’d been waiting for the last several weeks. I had been sent my timetable and it gave me goose bumps knowing I start work with London Music Masters next week!

Monday 9th July 2018  was my first day working at London Music Masters. I wasn’t as scared as I thought I would be on my first day as I have been a part of this charity for 10 years now, since I started playing the violin in Year 1. I walked into the office and was greeted by Daf and the team. Everyone made me feel welcome. My tasks for today were to design a programme for the Summer Concerts for Jessop & Ashmole Primary Schools. Throughout the whole day, I was designing and being creative – my final piece came out amazing. I was so proud of myself when I printed out my first programme.

On Tuesday, I was on my way to Central London to visit Prior Weston Primary School to watch their Year 3 & 4’s musicianship assembly. It was absolutely astonishing, and the kids were so concentrated listening to Rosanne their teacher. Afterwards, Daf and I made our way to Jessop Primary School to help out with their Summer Concert. As I walked in for the first rehearsal, I could hear little kids screaming my name across the corridor. It made me feel so loved that the children at Jessop Primary School still remembered me after I left four years ago. I absolutely loved performing with the children and my favourite part was definitely when I got to award the plaque to Lilian Umekwe (the Executive Head Teacher), to celebrate 10 years of partnership with London Music Masters. Seeing the children grow to love music and love their instruments honestly brings me to tears because it reminds me of when I was in their position, performing at my end of term concert.

On Wednesday, I arrived at Jubilee Primary School for their end of term concert. I helped Paola and Rayna to tune the violins that were already set. The performance started and the Year 1’s performed the pieces I performed at my first concert in the Royal Festival Hall, called Everybody Down Up and Twinkle Variations. Let me be honest, I felt tears coming out of my eyes. Brings back so many memories of 2008. I was so proud of every single child in Jubilee Primary School.

After the performance at Jubilee, I went to Jessop Primary School to watch the Year 5s (Jessop & Ashmole) rehearse for their BBC Proms performance. They were amazing! During their break, I took the children downstairs to the playground and all I heard was “ANA!” from different directions. I saw the children run towards me and giving me the biggest hugs ever! Again, I feel so welcome in Jessop Primary School. After an hour, I jumped in an cab and went straight to Central London again. I met up with Roz and Beth and we went to a meeting. A few hours later, we got back to the office and I started my LMM Alumni Research Programme which was probably the hardest task I have done this week; creating a PowerPoint to present to the rest of the team.

On Thursday, I stayed in the office all day. My tasks were to finish off my LMM Alumni Research Programme and to finish my newsletter for the website. There were interviews for a role at LMM and I had to help out by bringing the candidates to their exams and take them upstairs to have an interview with Rob and Roz. Everything went pretty well!

Friday was my last day at the office. I walked in at 9:15am, greeted by Rob Adediran, the Executive Director. I had two meetings, one with Rob and one with the Development Director, Charlotte Hamilton. After the meetings, Daf, Katrina and I made our way to Ashmole Primary School for the last summer concert of the week. Every child performed amazingly, I was so impressed and it was actually my first time visiting Ashmole Primary School.

Overall, my work experience week was amazing and I had so much fun working with the team and the children as well. I learnt so much during this week, from designing programmes for concerts, to presenting power points, as well as answering phone calls. I’ve felt so welcomed and I thank every single person that’s involved with London Music Masters not just for accepting me for my Year 10 Work Experience but for the last 10 years of me being a part of this charity. They’ve made a big impact on my life by supporting me throughout my whole journey. They are a fantastic organisation and I can’t wait for more children to graduate to join our Alumni programme.

Thank you for everything, London Music Masters.

Ana Neves

Ana helping to tune the violins at Jubilee Primary School

Ana on the LMM Learning programme in 2010

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