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Naz Ozturk

At London Music Masters, we recognise the importance of work experience and internships for one’s personal development. Below is a blog written by Naz Ozturk, an American student who recently worked on a placement with the LMM team.

My two weeks of London Music Masters life! by Naz Ozturk

Two weeks is not a really long time. It’s only fourteen days, 336 hours. Most people would say that two weeks is an insufficient amount of time to complete any significant task or even learn a new skill. Nevertheless, during my hectic and busy time at London Music Masters, I have learned more in two weeks about the working lifestyle than any other given time in the year.

Starting off my work experience, even during the tube ride to the office, I felt out of my comfort zone. Regardless, on my first day at LMM, I realised that the close knit group of colleagues in the office were quite welcoming. After several conversations with my superiors, I realised that everyone at the office truly wanted to mentor and guide me through my first work experience.

During my time at the office, I often found myself observing the relationships and the atmosphere in the work place. It seemed to me as if everybody treated each other with respect, yet still the office didn’t feel too stiff or formal. On the contrary I gathered a feeling of playfulness and excitement during my time in the office. Even though my superiors were diligent and hardworking, a burst of conversation always seemed welcome and even sometimes encouraged. This experience taught me that in order to create an enthusiastic and productive workplace, people have to feel motivated and at times they have to be rewarded by either a few minutes of silly conversation, a cup of freshly brewed tea, or even an impromptu Magnum ice cream run.

During the times that I wasn’t working in the office, I found myself dashing through different Boroughs of London to visit the many schools that London Music Masters contributes to with their music programme, taking part in the running of their end of year concerts, artists’ visits and Year 6 Graduation. Visiting these various schools gave me a unique perspective into the development of talent of the students. Even though I heard many stories regarding the concept of talent rising from any place, I had never truly seen it in person. I had a first-hand glance at some of the outstanding students from each school who had become extraordinary musicians with the opportunities that LMM Learning had provided for them.

Even though the students’ hard work and their talent had inspired me, what I learned during my visits to the schools, as well as my work in the office, was that the amount of work that goes into making this programme possible is momentous. The inner workings and the organisation of the programme is truly like a finely-tuned musical instrument, in the sense that everything has to work together to create the best possible outcomes for the children.

Now, at the end of my work experience, I can confidently say that my time at London Music Masters has provided me with priceless knowledge and worldliness that I will always take with me in the future.

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