What Music Means To Me! by Aseye Olympio

My journey through music has been incredible and unforgettable! From the age of 5, music has always been something I loved. Whether it was listening to music or playing music, I just loved it. I started to play the violin at 5 years of age where I was then introduced to the world of music! I was regularly performing in different places and it became like a routine to me. From then and still till now, music is very close to me.

I go to Kingsdale Foundation School and there are a lot of musical opportunities there, such as watching and performing in concerts, and much more! I study at the Royal College of Music which has opened doors for me. I’m very grateful for having these opportunities, because it makes me feel proud of myself and the hard work I did to get me where I am today.

I have been with London Music Masters for about 10 years now, and I am very grateful for the opportunities that they have given me. I’m lucky enough that I am doing work experience in the LMM office for 2 weeks! I’ve been learning how an office environment works and how to be more independent and confident along the way! The people around me are very supportive, and are always here to help and it makes me feel welcome!

In April, LMM had their 10th Year Anniversary festival which was so much fun! It was really nice to see everyone come together as a team and performing beautiful music! It was nice for me to see the younger children play because it reminded me of myself when I was that age. It also reminded me that you are able to do big things and have big opportunities at a small age.

I am very proud to be part of LMM Alumni because it gives the younger children someone to look up to, so that they can see how far you can come with your instrument. I remember when I was in year 3 and I was finding the violin hard and I was getting so frustrated, but I had people to support and encourage me, and also tell me how great this skill is to continue in the future!

Music isn’t something that you should take lightly, especially if you are very talented and if it’s something that you truly enjoy. It’s very important to have people to support you and motivate you so that you get put in a lot of practice. It’s important to get involved with orchestras and much more around London!

Stay motivated and continue to do what you truly enjoy with your instrument, and always appreciate the support around you the same way I did!

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