LMM Student Profiles: A 10-day countdown to our festival!

As a way of counting down to the launch of the LMM10 festival, we will be celebrating ten of our students and their incredible achievements with London Music Masters!

Betania, Violinist (LMM Alumni of Ashmole Primary school) – 10 Years with London Music Masters

Betania was one of the first violinists to take part in London Music Masters’ Pathways programme, providing her with musical training under Itzhak Rashkovsky. She now studies under a full music scholarship to James Allen’s Girls’ School and also attends the Royal College of Music Junior Department every Saturday. Having played in the past for National Children’s Orchestra, Chineke! Junior Orchestra and South London Youth Orchestra, and a recipient of an Award for Young Musicians, Betania is fast becoming an excellent violinist.

“I love being able to perform and express my emotions in a performance, and I am proud of being able to play to such an extent that I was accepted into the Royal College of Music’s Junior Department for September 2014. Music has given me self-esteem and the confidence to express my feelings and opinions. It has also helped me to excel in my academic studies, and it has developed my social skills. LMM has taught me so much about being a musician since I started learning to play the violin at the age of 5. I am here now because of what LMM has done, and as an alumna, LMM continues to give me support.” – Betania

Itabaza, Violinist (LMM Alumni of Ashmole Primary School) – 9 Years with London Music Masters
Now an active member of Dunraven School’s acclaimed music department, Itabaza has accomplished his Grade 6 ABRSM exam and actively performs as a soloist and ensemble player in school. He makes the most of his musical training by taking part in the School Choir, and this year will even play the part of presenter at LMM10’s upcoming Alumni Celebration.

“LMM gave Itabaza the gift of exploring his natural love of music. As a result, he was the youngest leader of his secondary school orchestra in Year 7 at just 11 and continues to lead it, three years later. He is now experimenting with jazz and composing and performing scores for the short films he makes. He continues to study music through the Guildhall’s Centre for Young Musicians and will be taking a GCSE in music starting next year.” – Nankunda, Parent

Zinzi, Violinist (LMM Alumni of Jessop Primary School) – 8 Years with London Music Masters

Zinzi has made the most of her music skills she built on the Pathways programme by learning other instruments, including guitar and ukulele, which she enjoys playing for her family. She also works hard at Junior Trinity at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, where she enjoys the variety of music activities available to her. A keen performer, Zinzi continues to play solo brilliantly at LMM events and at her secondary school, Charter School.

“When I play music to other people I feel this buzz inside me that boosts my adrenalin and energy. When I play music to other people I want to make them feel what I’m feeling in my music. Music is communication. It soothes and heals and inspires. The audience response is immediate. This is very satisfying for me as a musician.” – Zinzi

Nwike (LMM Alumni of Ashmole Primary School) – 7 Years with London Music Masters

Since graduating the programme at the Barbican Centre last year, Nwike has enjoyed taking part in creative composition workshops and ensemble performances at London’s Music Masters’ annual Summer Orchestra Course. He is also a keen member of our LMM Alumni Festival Forum and has been helping design and create the incredible events as part of our upcoming LMM10 celebrations. Nwike has had a real confidence boost through music and has big ideas on how he can keep it a part of his life in the future.

“I will use music in the future to become a music teacher and compose my own music.” – Nwike

Layla, Violinist (Jessop Primary School) – 6 Years with London Music Masters

In her final year in primary school, Layla can look back at many musical memories in primary school. She has performed with Nicola Benedetti, taken part in a masterclass with the Harlem Quartet, and even met violinist Maxim Vengerov. Layla has also been a member of LMM Champions, for which she has assisted younger musicians in group lessons, received mentoring from inspirational artists and helped design our upcoming LMM10 celebrations.

“I would like to use music in my life to be able to have fun and express how I would feel whether I am sad or happy also I want to give other people some enjoyment and just enjoying playing music with other people. In LMM it’s been great to be able to play with people of all different ages and musical experiences and also being able to enjoy it together.” – Layla

Malachi, Musicianship student (Prior Weston Primary School) – 5 Years with London Music Masters

Malachi has been part of LMM’s musicianship programme at Prior Weston since 2016. Many activities were new to most of the children involved and Malachi was not always confident to fully engage at first. However, throughout these years Malachi has grown in ability and become a superstar in his lessons. He now confidently leads groups of his peers in lessons and assemblies and has demonstrated a real enthusiasm for music-making and performance.

“Malachi has transformed into one of my most inspiring pupils. He is always up for trying something new musically and sets a fantastic example of what we aim for in our musicianship programme: having fun, setting an example for other young musicians and showing fantastic leadership.” – Rosanne Jacobs, LMM Teacher

Malak, Violinist (Ashmole Primary School) – 4 Years with London Music Masters

Malak is another hard working Pathways student, and even though she is only in Year 4, she has already performed on one of London’s biggest stages at Royal Festival Hall. A keen musician, Malak has performed confidently at assemblies and recently received a masterclass with Benjamin Beilman to improve her performance technique.

“I am proud of learning new songs and having a chance to perform to a crowd on what I have been working very hard on. I am proud to be on the LMM programme and to be chosen to be on it.” – Malak

Yama, Violinist (Jubilee Primary School) – 3 Years with London Music Masters

Yama is one of our newest Pathways students, giving her extended lesson time and mentoring with Junior Trinity teacher Damon Flanagan to boost her musical skills at her pivotal age. Alongside this, she has also enjoyed creative composition with LMM Composer Award Holder Jack White earlier this year, helping her develop the musical imagination all young violinists need.

“I am proud of Yama, she has being trying very hard. Practising at home after school and putting in a lot of effort. She loves playing the violin. This will have ahuge impact on her in the future.” – Mariama, Parent

Amaan, Violinist (St Barnabas’ CE Primary School) – 2 Years with London Music Masters
Amaan has been learning the violin for a year and a half and is progressing at an incredible speed. He loves performing and regularly does solos in class and is ready for the next solo after just finishing one! His enthusiasm about music and his love of playing the violin shines through when he plays.

“Amaan memorises and learns new songs after just having a few lessons on them and can memorise melodies after only hearing them a couple of times. He has a great ear and can sing well in tune. Music makes him beam! He usually says at the end of a music lesson… ‘ohhhh I want to keep playing!’ He often has to be told to stop playing in the lesson because he loves experimenting on his violin and discovering new sounds!” – Louise Gibbens, LMM Teacher

Ahmet, Cellist (St Mary’s Bryanston Square Primary School) – 1 Year with London Music Masters

Ahmet has only been playing the cello since September, and has already made excellent progress on his instrument. He is usually the first in his cello group to pick up on everything and his love of the cello shows in his playing. His concentration is admirable and we’re sure to see lots from him in the future!

“There is a proverb in Turkey that ‘music is a nutrition for souls’.” – Sevil, Parent

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