LMM MusicianshipTM
The best possible start on a child’s lifelong journey as a musician.

LMM Musicianship brings together the key ingredients that will enable any primary school to provide their pupils with an outstanding introduction to music.

  • Regular music lessons led by specialist music teachers
  • A proven programme reflecting current research into music education and underpinned by quality resources, that inspires pupils to develop a love of music, and builds the skills and understanding to underpin future learning in and beyond the classroom
  • Training and ongoing CPD, tailored to the needs and context of each school, to build non-specialist teachers’ capabilities, confidence and enthusiasm
  • A flexible implementation strategy that can adapt to individual school context, capacity and ambition.  LMM Musicianship is practical, manageable and affordable.
  • An evolving model that begins in the Reception classroom and supports a child’s musical development throughout their time in primary school
  • Opportunities for participation in choirs and other ensemble activities

What is LMM Musicianship?

LMM Musicianship begins in the Reception class, as this is where the greatest transferrable benefits can be realised. It extends over time to support pupils through to the end of Key Stage 1 and beyond. Schools can elect to use LMM Musicianship within their early years provision only, through to the end of Key Stage 1, or, from September 2019, through to the end of Key Stage 2.

Every LMM Musicianship school works with one of London Music Masters team of specialist tutors, meaning that every school, in effect, has their own music specialist. The tutor has three main tasks:

  1. To work alongside the class teacher to deliver regular LMM Musicianship lessons. For most schools, these lessons take place fortnightly with each class participating in a maximum of fifteen lessons per year
  2. To work with the class teacher and leadership team to help shape and refine the programme to reflect the school’s own context and priorities
  3. To provide ongoing support for the team in the classroom in order that learning from music classes can be secured, extended and connected with other areas of learning

Who is LMM Musicianship for?

LMM Musicianship is appropriate for any primary school that believes that high quality music education is important and wants to improve their current provision and practice. It is particularly appropriate for schools who do not have music specialists on staff, and also for schools who view music as part of a connected curriculum and school experience.

It is important to note that the LMM Musicianship programme aims to build musicianship rather than instrumental skills. Our intention in developing the programme was to inspire and enthuse pupils, and to lay the foundations for future engagement and achievement.

Getting Involved: the practical details

Each year group’s work is underpinned by a range of materials and resources which have been developed my LMM’s education team and piloted in our Partner Schools.
In addition to LMM Musicianship lessons, LMM can help schools to set up and run a choir or other ensemble group, making effective use of the LMM tutor’s musical talents and experience.

LMM Musicianship can be adopted on a single school basis or by a trust or federation. Where a number of schools work together to create a LMM Musicianship network, we will work with you to shape the programme to maximise the benefits from your collaboration.

What does a school have to do to ensure LMM Musicianship is a success?

In many ways, LMM Musicianship is no different to any other school development priority. Its success will depend on the priority it is given within the school, the ongoing interest and involvement of leaders and governors, and the support given to the staff involved in its implementation.

There are some specific challenges that all schools have to address when adopting LMM Musicianship – how many year groups to involved; how the programme should be led and managed; how timetables should be managed to ensure that maximum benefit is taken from the tutor’s time in schools; and how to involve parents and families. We will help you to find the right answers to these questions and ensure that the programme continues to meet your needs over time.

Programme Content and Focus

Learning FocusLearning Progression: By the end of the first year of LMM Musicianship, most children will be able to:
Use of voice
Find their singing voice and distinguish between their singing, speaking, whispering (and other timbres) and thinking voices
PitchSing songs using pentatonic and major scales
PulseDistinguish between rhythm and pulse. They will be able to maintain a pulse during spoken , sung and played musical activities.
RhythmCopy rhythms and recognise key rhythms when played on an instrument or clapped
Musical ElementsDistinguish between the musical elements:
Ensemble SkillsBecome practiced in using their thinking voice. They will sing partner songs and be able to explain the meaning of the related words
Melodic NotationRecognise adapted visual notation (such as body solfa), and be introduced to reading unfamiliar patterns and to reading up and down the sol-fa scale
Rhythmic Notation
Read and manipulate pictorial rhythmic scores

LMM Musicianship: the benefits

For your school

  • Your own music specialist, working to help develop music in your school in line with your particular priorities and requirements
  • Flexibility to accommodate changing requirements and budgets
  • Tailored in-school support so all teachers can improve their professional practice
  • Membership of the wider London Music Masters family, influencing the future direction of music education
  • Enhanced opportunities to engage with families and the wider community through performance

For your pupils

  • The best possible introduction to music, with the associated academic, personal and social benefits that quality music education offers
  • A pathway to future engagement, with expert support for every child to reach his or her true potential

How to get involved

We know that you will have many questions about LMM Musicianship and how it might work best for your pupils. We also want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make the right decision.

So – if you want to provide every pupil with the great introduction to music that LMM Musicianship can offer, get in touch with us. We will be pleased to come and meet with governors and the leadership team to explore the best and most appropriate way forward for your school.

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